Neil Higgins

Fluela And Litus (Epilogue)

The king did fake as his keys did bring such release to daughters grace.
For she had dungeon tilled her doom with chains to bind in haste.
She was released and washed so lean by maids and surfs to fresh.
Her wounds were tended and bathed by hands,
that sprinkled in ointments spiced,
for she was dressed in clothery fine and table set with *lise.
For Fluela and Litus the deed was complete and reward was soon to crest.
As they were given fools gold each with arrests and fuss no less.
For king could not fumble his way with word of daughters demise.
For these loyal two of demonic purse there was only one such revise.
So late at night via the orders of sin,
poor Litus drowned in sleep.
His hands and feet were bound so neat,
that Houdini could not interfere.
It was the end of the prodigy boy,
whose knowledge was blackmail fear.
For Fluela too the end came swift as scaffold had got its man.
Death was complete by the devil's treat,
as the king made a decree to ban. 
They were both described as men so mad,
with power and ways too brawn.
And now they'd been culled by authorities strings and never to swarm at dawn.
So king was relieved to walk his grounds and bloom from his castle keep.
Yet far in the distance a scheming shroud was swirling and forming so deep.
For what ever the reason of sanity treason,
the day was as doomed as night.
For the king did demand and diverse his power for enemies out to spite.
Beware the soothsayer read out loud as danger would curse thus height.
A wind from the sky with fire and ash would swarm through the castle gates.
Dragons of air perhaps to burn,
with pillage and violent erase.
So spells and folly was policy clause as armour was on so chased.
Now was the time for exit begin,
as bonfires burned in waste. 

Lise*: Slang. Stupefied, excited, or muddled with alcoholic liquor. 


  • L. B. Mek

    wonderfully ambitious, yet measured
    and teasingly unfurled, an escape - of a read!
    (might be an idea to link the other write's
    from this series, (now its complete)
    in your authors notes section
    so we can easily access them and enjoy
    the read in full)
    thanks for sharing, dear poet

  • aDarkerMind

    a fitting epilogue to what was a more than enjoyable journey Neil.

    Happy Birthday;

  • Neil Higgins

    Thank you to you both for your very kind words.Have been with the family today,as have for the past five days,sailing on a barge on the river Avon, UK.Five days left.Yes it is my birthday and we moored up near a countryside pub in Warwickshire,UK.Sailing on tomorrow.

  • Saxon Crow

    A brilliant poem story from start to epilogue end Neil. You should get the work published.

  • Neil Higgins

    Wow Am stunned SC.Can not receive a better endorsement than that.Not really here to get published though.Just simply to share my scribblings with you and other like minded folk.But thanks for the reference 😎

  • Neville

    I have to agree with L.B on this one Neil .. an addendum to your authors note & corresponding linking would make the viewing/reading experience of those who find your words later .. or those who tend not to bother about chronology more better like ..
    An epic bit o penmanship if I may say so ......... and muchly enjoyed 🙂

    where do ya go from here ? 🙂

  • Neil Higgins

    I have no idea.Looking forward to Somerset in August.But as far as writing.I feel worn out Neville.Might take some time off soon to recharge the batteries,as sorting through dust coated work from years ago,is proving a challenge.So probably a few more efforts from me,then a brief time out.
    Am more than appreciative of all the nice people on this site,and all the nice words people have said.Will always comment on what I read here of course,as this is a poetic "family"site.

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