On the tallest of trees

As I run to the riverdale

As I think of you

As I walk between the rails

As I think of the truth

And if it means we're through


Did I run to the lagoon 

Did I twist my knee

Did I crawl beneath the dunes

Did I break at the seems

I guess there goes part of me


You seemed so happy yesterday 

At a quarter past three

Kind of an odd hour to be


Must've tricked myself into thinking

It had something to do with me

Kind of an odd thing to think


When you got home I understood

The way you looked at me

All heartbreak and envy

And anger and spite

How dare I not know

Who you want me to be tonight

In the morning it'll be alright

For everyones relieved

That I gave up the fight

And won back my last seed of pride

To bury in the earth

Next to 6 years of lost self worth 

I'll grow a fucking rain forest 

Over the grave of our despair

And on the tallest of trees

Born from that seed

You'll find me way up there

On the tallest of trees

From that seed

I'll finally get some fucking air. 




  • Alex Arnot

    Great rhythm and the consistency of the language is superb. I love the evolving metaphor of the seed, really great stuff!

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