Michael J. Schaeffer

The Devil

The Devil


Patiently Sitting Here. The Devil is on the Mind. Comparing People's Faces and Bodies to this Beast, this Being or Man. The Devil is Here. The Devil Lives. The Devil is Well and Okay. How to Forget. How to just let Go. Like a Nightmare in Bed. Like a Hour Long Nightmare that will Keep You Up the Rest of the Night. The Devil's Face is like a Shadow on the Wall. No Escape for this Master of Hell. The Hell that some Feel is on Earth. This Lovely Planet. This Lovely Face. Wishing for the Comfort of a Female. Wishing for a Love. Someone to Ease this Wound. This Pressure of Devilish Pain. A Beauty. A Cherub. A Young Woman in the Heart and Soul. To Help Awake from this Awkward Day Dream. This Day Dream that Feels so Hellish and a Nightmare that Shadows this Body, this Heart and this Soul. Where? Where to Go? Where to Run? The Mind is made Up to Sit and Wait. To Fight and to Walk the Talk. And to Talk the Walk. The Most of Qualities. The Pleasure. The Senses of the Mind. Patiently Sitting. Patiently Here and Waiting. The Devil is on the Mind. Comparing the Beast to a Man that Lives so Close By... 


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