Soon, Without Purpose To The Glare;

soon, without purpose to the glare

brain-bends and bucketless spiders shells

snarl with the anger of the burning robe

twisting on a mile songs dry stampede;


cutters of the archers and the guided flare

stretching the sleeves of an unconscious wake

as dawn bags a fidget from a sleep

seperating the arrows from the days;


thin gristle on a flat line chase

chews through the sinus of a shoestring sheet;

two seagulls lost on a plague of ice

both seeded and kneading their horse-dough grief;


so where hides the second thumb of the lame priest?

on a feather beach with his cow hands bandaged and clean!

the unmasked grains of the churcbell sand

now stutters with the footprints of the portrait slayer;


how steep the fall of a yesterday sorrow

a northern star with a southern cross

each with a cryptic tail of a comets flame

spinning tales with a white gardenias shadow;


soon, without purpose to the glare

mohair throws with buttons for the closing down

straddles the corners of the cycle

paddling the waters of a parallel sky;




























  • Teddy.15

    this is seriously beautiful poetry, i have been trying to show you a fave stanza but i can't you win, i think you have a true poetic gift with the most amazing wordcraft.

  • Neil Higgins

    "two seagulls lost on a plague of ice"
    And so your word show keeps going Melvin.Well done you.
    I saw Stevie Nick's in concert about a hundred years ago 🤣 At the end of the concert she briefly touched the hands of people on the front row of her concert.I swear she was inches away from mine,when she moved further back onto the stage,due to over zealous security morons 🤬 Oh well.

  • aDarkerMind

    thank you Teddy.
    i am very touched by such a comment;
    I cant thank you enough.

  • aDarkerMind

    thank you Neil;
    never got to see Mac of Nicks...
    have always had a crush on her!

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