You are you

People always just sit and wonder about me.
Really I just live to be as free as I can be.
I really don't know where I belong, I believe my heart will take me in the right direction, just have to be careful with everything in life I may step in.
My spirits stay high, even when I wonder why, I even do try!.
Sometimes I catch myself lost in confusion, not knowing what to make of my life at all, but I will always try not to let myself fall, All I can do is just stand tall, and live for what I believe in.
I won't let anyone dictate who I am or what I really do want, everyone's life is their own special font.
Hopefully everyone will also find and follow what they really do want!


  • Jerry Reynolds

    Good write, J.B.

  • The elder poet

    Be who you want to be . Do what you want to do. You have only you to please. I enjoyed your poem. We must alway" look up and to the future with a great outlook. As you seem to be doing. nice write.

    • jennybee89

      Thanks that's anyone really can do and why keep putting yourself down in just dwelling on things all you can do is try to fix it and take it for what it is is what it is and thank you

      • The elder poet

        You're very welcome. You have a great week.

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