Jack Cohen

Eyes in the Dark

Deep below dark calm waves
it coils in its zeal.

Its length unknown, it sleeps alone
the sight of it unreal.

Our sub approached cautiously,
best not to disturb.

"Please turn back" the crewman asked
they pleaded, they begged, the urged.

But we went on, we had traveled far
beneath the ocean waves.

I can't turn back, It called us here
to meet with its embrace.

So on we went, further down
its size now dwarfed our own.

A coiled serpent, a horrible eel,
so far overgrown.

It knows were here, I saw it stir
it sings a voiceless song.

It's in my head, we can't turn back
no please we must go on.

Look its head! it moves, it knows
its mouth now opens wide.

In this darkness, all I see
are the glow of its white eyes.

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