Last Words

The Last Words

From living at the highest, we've shockingly hit lowest,
A vision that was seen, is unseen for showing,

What a future to be throwing, up, and away,
To make a choice for your life, to leave, or stay,

A reason to pray, with deep breaths, a soft tone,
With pressure such as these, there's no need to be alone,

Much feelings are shown, admitting your hurt,
Not physically, still feeling like your tossed in the dirt,

It's for sure that your angry, sad, or upset,
To let go, not hold as a whole, and split,

But is..is it worth, to pretend to forget,
And give away what was gave to you to invest,

The best bet for no regrets, is to make sure what's unheard,
Is it going, or ending is this..The Last Words...

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