A.C Doomcraft

Food For Thought

Beasts by nature
someone called in a favour
got us taste for this food for thought.
We're stardust Spirits, pure conciousness piloting flesh covered skeletons.

If I told you that we were just atoms vibrating to the sound of the universe,
could i curry favour and maybe later pretty lady, let me show you a brave new world.

I know it sounds pretentious
but I think its worth a mention
that we're shooting through
the infinite night,
riding on a rock amidst a cosmic sea of curiosity, unlikely we will find out why.

We could just kill our inhibitions and make some rash decisions,
you're delicious like the milky way, 
The make up of our molecules arranged to resonate and Its not like we can control our fate so..let's...talk about it 

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