Stay True To Yourself

Do not pretend,
to be someone your not.
Do not try to impress others.
The truth will always,
be revealed.
Every lie will be uncovered.
Don't ever try and hide.
You are who you are;
something only Jesus can change.
He knows your ways.
He knows your name.
So always show your face.

god created us all,some short,some tall
so just be who you are meant to be and change the bad things if you can
most of all just be the created man

i always said if somebody doesn't like you it's their loss god has made you perfectly,jesus loves you and so do i~just the way you are

I was
I am
Then became
Worth all and more
Born into a life
A life into I saw
All forfilled
Destination unknown
Yet love and joy instilled

I am what I am
a mortal man
I never feign affections
I help others when I can
I am what I am
Not just a creature
But a loving woman

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