Celestial Amy

Are You Happy Now?

My purpose ripped apart

Nothing for me to hold onto anymore

All my hopes and dreams

Crushed below your feet


Oh how I truly believed

That I came so far for a reason

Oh how I hoped

It would have been everything but just spite


Nothing ever made sense

I tried to find it

For a moment I was happy

With the things, I taught myself


But the hero always dies

Only tears and screams


In the end

I understood I was alone

All the time

They were all but faint outlines

Of something I never had


That makes only two

Out of what I thought were thirteen once


It makes me question

Everything I ever believed in


Maybe I was wrong


Simply asked too much

Impossible to do

Stupid to hope for


I want to expire

My bones hurt

My heart aches

Like I lived a thousand lives already


Even if it has been just a lie

I certainly feel like it

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