Black Magick

Notice of absence from HannahElisabeth
Taking a long overdue mental health vacation. I will check in when I can.

You feel like sunlight

Glinting off my skin

Burn me with your passion

They tell me this is sin


You feel like lightning

Coursing through my veins

A dark and sordid magick 

Unholy and profane



There is no amount of holy water

There is no saving grace

To break the spell I’m under



At your mercy

Yours to take


  • Neil Higgins

    Many years ago Hannah,I had a friend who being with the "rock star crowd" became addicted to Heroin.She described it as that "wonderful warm feeling inside"....followed by stomach cramps,sickness,hot flushes,cravings,and like "hell on earth"
    She is now a Senior drug adviser,to a social worker department.She also gives talks in senior schools,here in the UK about the dangers of drugs.
    I have no idea why your poem brought that into my head,but it did.
    Your words are "dark" and inviting.In the nicest possible way.
    As someone once famously sang "The drugs don't work"
    Steer clear kids.

    • HannahElisabeth

      Neil, there's definitely an element of addiction to the poem so it's interesting you pick up on that without it ever being directly mentioned. Also, I'm so very happy your friend has since recovered and is using her experience to help others. I know and have loved too many people who got caught up with drugs. It's painful to watch, and I'm so glad to hear your friend made it out alive. Not many do.

    • Coyote

      Excellent! Makes me think of a time when I was in love with someone who I knew wasn't good for me but I couldn't end it. A fine bit of writing here Hannah🙂

      • HannahElisabeth

        Coyote, you hit the nail right on the head. Funnily enough, I wrote this when things were good and it had a very different connotation in my mind. Looking back now, it's strange to think I subconsciously knew it wouldn't end well. Thank you for the kind words, and I'm sorry you resonate with the sentiment. I posted this in hopes of letting go.

      • Doggerel Dave

        Being no great fan of love poetry, I’m pleased this is about lust if it is focused on that area at all.
        A key description for me would be obsession, and this could be with many or any of life’s varied aspects. The only flaw with that argument is that there exists a certain personification there….must have been lust......and power....Aaah!!

        • HannahElisabeth

          Well I have good news for you my friend, lust is probably the most apt term for it in hindsight.

          I have too much fun contrasting religion with witchcraft. There's definitely a lot more hidden meaning here but it's far more entertaining to leave the interpretation up to the reader...

          • Doggerel Dave

            Fun for whom?
            I fear we are going to be at odds here, HannahE.
            I have a commitment to plain unambiguous communication – which makes me quite possibly an anomaly on a poetry site; perhaps I should leave (chorus of ‘hoorahs’ from somewhere) – except I’m not going anywhere.
            I couldn’t make the connection between the title and the piece, so ignored the title – my error.
            However, obscurity is not something I am particularly fond of, so I will either ignore your poetry when in this mode or come in at the bottom as an irritant…… lol

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          • jarcher54

            Hannah, the interpretation is ALWAYS up to the reader... But you know that. The most important thing in existence as far as I am concerned is passion. It can be miserable, painful, tear your soul apart from unrequited longing, jealousy, and exhaustion. You nailed it for me.

            • HannahElisabeth

              jarcher54, precisely! You get it. I wholeheartedly agree; a life without passion is far worse than the pain of losing it. Thank you for taking the time to read and share!

            • L. B. Mek

              steamy, daringly so
              a cute write,
              we're all wonderfully different, aren't we
              some like to shake the tree
              and in the unfurling confusion
              find their worth, in that capacity to cultivate chaos;
              thanks for sharing

              • HannahElisabeth

                Is it cultivating chaos,
                or perhaps,
                finally making peace with it?

                • L. B. Mek

                  Peace, realised in the eye of the storm
                  of your own making
                  is a mirage at best
                  wilfully self-indulgent, at its very worst

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