Poem, The World has grown Cold? (or maybe another rant of mine!).


-Standard corporate line!

-Standard company policy!

-Standard government edicts!

-Standard government practice!


1)They always say they are on the side of righteousness, on the side of doing the right thing for the right reasons, YET they are usually in violation of said words by their actions. Within the corruption that prevails within a given culture, within personal biases and or prejudices.

2)They usually say 1 thing as their own actions do another. Negatively Affecting those they are meant to serve, help and or protect by providing services to the rest of us, u.s. The People.

3)They look at u.s. The People, The Working Class as numbers, something as less than. Nothing more than a bottom line calculation, a profit or loss margin!

4)Point being, They are always saying that they are looking out for the ones they are in all reality screwing over. Always saying they care, yet they only care about how the company is perceived, how they are personally perceived. Within how much profit & growth there is, how much profit & growth they can be credited with,

Absolutely Not in what they do to real life People! Period.


-Realization of our responsibility!


We are the “They!”

We give them purpose!

We are, Still in control (just not for much longer)!

We are the ones that power all these menagerie’s called corporations & governments.


Cooperation with enough of u.s. The People can effect real life change within the Love of all of us, all of Humanity.

Non participation in this corruption is always the best option (as long as We are willing to pay the price).


-Answer within the solution!


Success, Power, Prosperity & Money are Not always the blessings we purport them to be,

Sometimes they are a Debt.

Oftentimes they are a Millstone.


We must continually learn to Not chase prosperity, chase gain.

Growth, sometimes is a humbling experience of loss.

  • Author: AwHec8 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 10th, 2021 05:58
  • Comment from author about the poem: Another rant from your least favorite one. Don
  • Category: Sociopolitical
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  • Doggerel Dave

    Yes Don , a rant - but none the worse for that. Your heart, from my point of view, is very much in the right place
    The only point I want to make (and boringly I've made it before), is that there is enough material there for half a dozen shortish sharp poems on each separate part of your piece.........
    I would appreciate them very much.

    • AwHec8

      Doggerel Dave You are Right, I could have made some quality short Poems out of this rant of mine, out of this menagerie. I will see if I can be more focused with my next endeavors. Don

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