Joe Dawson

Virtual love

She asked if she could write to me?

Delighted, I said yes, and so began a

Friendship, that spanned the internet.

No meeting place, no face to face, yet

What we had was real, a few shared

Words of poetry, a reason to believe.


That someone out there came across,

The same cold world as I, not exactly

Empty, more a lack of happy times.

Here we had a space to write, to chat

About our lives, to hear of all the little

Things, ‘it rained quite hard last night.’


Exchanging dreams and notions in

A world that never was, passion in

The small hours, a very nearly kind

Of love. White sheets and feather

Pillows, hearts that skip a beat,

Would you, could you, think of me,

Before you fall asleep?


Tender moments locked in time, though

Many miles apart, but skin close every

Word we wrote, sincerity at heart. And

Still the memory lingers, and still the

Words were true, a virtual kind of love,

My love, fond words from me to you.


© Joseph G Dawson


  • Coyote

    Beautiful Joe. I wonder how many lifelong friendships begin on line.

    • Joe Dawson

      Ah, thank you so much. Lifelong friendships? How many? Lots and lots I'd say. Best part is making people feel good, raising a smile, adding a bit of cheek here and there and perhaps, with a goodnight kiss, fluffing up the pillows for someone in a far off land. Part of being a poet I'd say - caring for others. My thanks again. šŸ˜Ž Joe

    • LaurašŸŒ»


      Trust is the key factor in any relationshipā€¦virtual or otherwise.
      Youā€™ve capture the essence of ā€˜Virtual loveā€™ with your magical pen.

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful words.


      • Joe Dawson

        Thank you Laura. You are absolutely right. 'Virtual Love,' internet love, love by wire, love by satellite. A distant love, a trusting love, two people in an imperfect world finding common ground and a reason to share and care. Not a perfect love, but for so many; the only love. Joe

        • LaurašŸŒ»

          Not a perfect love,
          but a loving and
          trusting friendship
          is most welcome.

        • Fay Slimm.

          I've never read virtual love presented better than this honest tribute to distant caring Joe. I can relate to each line as for a time this kind of love can be a life-saver.

          • Joe Dawson

            You are perfectly right Fay. 'Virtual love?' Much more than that sometimes, there are those who rely on distant caring and for whom, as you say, it becomes a lifesaver. Hard for some to believe, but virtual love withdrawn can really hurt. Many thanks. Joe

          • Accidental Poet

            Oh, but if only I could...... šŸ’•

            • Joe Dawson

              Who knows what the future has in store... Joe

            • Doggerel Dave

              Dead right there, Joe A virtual relationship as you describe can be very fulfilling, and doubtless for some a lifeline. It has an advantage over one to one close relationships too, No words need ever be made in haste, considered responses the order of the day - less misunderstandings.
              So call it that overworked term 'love' if you so wish.........

            • Goldfinch60

              Such a wonderful relationship created through words Joe.


              • Joe Dawson

                Thanks Andy, she's real, she lives in Ohio and trust has enriched both our lives. Joe

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