You look into her eyes

She looks back into yours

You two read the minds of each other

Know the words at the edge of each other’s tongues that want to escape

Know how each other’s heart is beating

Know how each other’s heart is bleeding

Can see the cuts but can’t heal them

In the end, you both remain silent walking past each other

Feet leaving tracks of blood

Rushing to hide and embrace ourselves 

Swallowing the tears trying to palliate the fire blazing within


  • Simon Peter

    The sadness of an old love silently passing by like a stranger. Well expressed Arvy

    • Arvy

      Thank you sm Simon!

    • Teddy.15

      Yes there is a regret and a deep sadness in here, it's hard to let go even when we know it's the best thing to do, and those last words on lips are sometimes better off unsaid.

      • Arvy

        Yes! sometimes words don't really heal the wound or fix the situation, so silence might be the answer.
        Thank you for reading Teddy!

      • jarcher54

        Well done. Starts out like a love poem, but turns into something so much more. Still a love poem, but a hard-nosed, honest, painful, grown-up gritty love poem. One moment hearts are beating, next thing you know they are bleeding. Sigh...

        • Arvy

          That's the thing about love, it starts like the magical thing that takes your breath away, but then ends breaking your heart and leaving you helpless. Thank you for reading dear poet!

        • SureshG

          Intense, intense love, intensely painful when left unspoken
          A superb write.

          • Arvy

            Thank you, SureshG!

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