Sole (and soul) brother waves magic wand (poof)..., and eldest sister absolved of guilt once and for all

Be happy don't worry

understood how thee feel sorry

for never defending me madam norry

(a real word meaning "woman of honor").

She (mine eldest sibling)

unfairly self burdened with blame

must jettison emotional baggage claim

forsooth (upon her person) pardon I exclaim

courtesy reasonable rhyme typed

within Macbook Pro

and linkedin Lenovo screen frame

now after LXII orbitz round the sun

able, willing and ready to relish game

of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Upbringing gifted me

with older kin named Amelie

Beth Harris (the - hyphen McGeehan)

hashtagged after she pledged troth

said first twixt Boyce and Harriet

donned mantle of protector
trumpeting forewarnings against bullies

lest they verbally and/or physically

assault puny socially withdrawn brother.

Later  existence (mine) witnessed unbridled wrath

more'n half my lifetime, a long time ago

hurled at greased lightning speed at yours truly

dealt Matthew Scott Harris

one after another severe psychological blow

courtesy father and mother

caw zing pent up (internalized) rage,

they did viciously crow

and spew expletive laced ultimatums

one direction did flow

buzzfeeding an introverted boy

emotionally and physically he failed to grow

rarely did practice social graces

such as saying "hello"

even mirrored reflection ignored

hated to see his unsightly self

body morphology melded

courtesy anorexia nervosa

(thank dog absent bulimia)

apparent starvation know

body else understood -

odd... even years (née decades) later

I too feel totally clueless, and lo

and behold extremely angry mow

ping with purposelessness

at sabotaged existence (mine)

at upsetting family dynamics status quo

cause ducks never lined up in a row

aptitude to become sufficient unto myself quite slow

which found singular son (before marriage)
unable (NOT unwilling to work though

preference against shoveling sh*t

created toward mom and dad

(both apologetic before their deaths)

yet while livingsocial

triggered no end of woe.


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