Pitter Patter


Pitter patter, tiny taps of rainfall
plays ping pong on my panes.

Droplets pecking kisses on glass,
leaving half-drop spot remains.

Another pitter, another patter, and
droplet size makes gains.

Until the drops, too big to stick
run down the glass as veins.

Tiny snakes of tears shed, wiggling down
in shiny streaks and lanes.

Thanks to pitter patter, gluttony, drips and veins
my pane is cleared of dust and stains.


  • Thekkinkkattil

    Good read .Thanks for sharing

    • flyingfish

      Thanks for the feedback. Cheers

    • Doggerel Dave

      Bought back a memory or two.
      Would watch that for hours as a kid; loved the random patterning , guesses when the drops would start rolling and which path it would take...little things...
      Captured for me nicely.

      • flyingfish

        Thanks, Best Wishes

      • Lorna

        An introvert's rain.........

        • flyingfish

          stuck inside on rainy days. looking out for sign its clearing up. Thanks for your response

        • SureshG

          Those droplets hold our attention and then we remember them forever, just like your words.

          • flyingfish

            Thanks for your reply. Best Wishes

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