Stepping on the scales 
Stopping at feather state   
Conclusions its all ridged 
Mocking the body’s plate 


Time done in white rooms
New visits lengthy then last  
Hooked up to toxic fumes  
Records of targets harassed 


Water to dull the pangs 
Counting calories like sheep 
Frequent bathroom trips 
To aid a good nights sleep 


Extra hairs on my arms 
Dizzy spells daily 
Tight fitting skin 
In the mirror I’m shapely


A face growing small for it frame 
A voice weak for its claim 
A mind in morphed tame 


Ears that hear it all  
Eyes that fail what they say  
A complex to exhaust myself 
To bruised points everyday 


The problem they say 
Is that I aim to be this way.


  • Doggerel Dave

    Still don't understand anorexia properly; as an insulin dependent diabetic food is too important in the right quantities for me to find much positive in a patient's (I use the term advisedly because it is they in that role i have encountered them) condition, attitudes or whatever.
    I'm given to understand it is about control.......... Advice to the poem's subject: Find other ways to control your life - that will require effort for which you need energy...
    A solid piece of work there, Cat.

    • Catgotthecream

      Hey Dave! I think it’s hard to understand anorexia unless you know someone personally who’s been through it or you have yourself. Body dysmorphia is such a powerful illness in this quantity. It actually develops in the high school years for most people, which is when we gain all our habits and self identify etc which is why a lot of people die from it, consumes the young mind. Lack of control is a contribution and a person who strives to be a perfectionist is more likely to develop this eating disorder. Some believe it could be hereditary too.

      • Doggerel Dave

        I'll keep an open (but not vacant ) mind.

        Thanks Cat

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