Tia Davis/テイア


Dreams are made of hope 


Just as your hope for a better future 


You have the hope of happiness 


But happiness isn't the goal 


It's comperhention 


To remember all the mistakes you have done to not do them again 


To understand every point of view 


To live in someones shoes without even touching them 


Happiness is easy to lose yet everyone searches for it 


Even tho it won't last long 


I guess me understanding that my future isn't going to be amazing based off my happiness

But my understanding 


I want to be able to understand my partner 


Later on my own kids 


To be able to comprehend their feelings 


Not to look at them with a side eye 


But instead give my full attention 


I want to love unconditionally 


To only one never more 


I guess I have an understanding that sometimes having everything or anyone isn't always good 


Sometimes just having that one person feels better then testing out all my interest 


Just because I find it interesting or have options doesn't mean it is good for me 


There are plenty of fish in the sea that's what they say 


But I would never think of those plenty of fish if I already caught one 


There is no fish that can be exactly like the other 


So There is no way I would throw it back to sea just so someone else can find my treasure 


I have all my options 


Many interest 


But it doesn't mean it will benefit me 


That's my understanding 


My goal isn't happiness but to understand 


More than skin deep



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  • asmita

    I loved the comment from the author. This is something we all should understand. You are completely wise dear 🙂 Keep it up

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