Shantha Teldeniya

Poor Servant Girl Facing Helpless Life.

Poor Servant Girl Facing Helplees Life...


No candle, no lamp to eliminate her cell
Only daylight sees the nook and corner.
She blooms in the dark but no any kith and kin.
OH, the poor, little girl who servant in a Palace.

No bangles, no earrings to wear as a princess,
A string of beads only wears over the neck.
She weeps in the dark, no one consoling.
OH, the poor, little girl who has sobbing life.

No sweets, no dishes to eat like a princess,
Filthy food remains to fill her stomach.
She eats in the dark but none serving.
OH, the poor little girl who has tearing life.

No sports, no learns to do as a princess,
Lady orders her to do the workload.
She bears in the dark non sees them.
OH, the poor girl who has a fighting fund.

No bed, no dreams to sleep like a princess,
Cockroach waits for kissing dirty fingers.
She is asleep, dreaming kith and kin.
OH, the poor, little girl who has helpless life.

No secure, no locker to protect her cell
A faker can weak-kneed poor little bud
He thrusts the rose helpless, poor girl
Oh, the poor, servant girl, facing, helpless life.

Shantha Teldeniya

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