You were too pure, so they sent you me.


I’m not here to tell you there is hope,

I’m not here to guide you in any way.

For fate is not that kind to send you an angle,

So instead it sent you me.


So try and learn how to smile without my help,

And try your best to understand.

We were doomed for failure from the start,

So much so that you now blossom alone.


Prepare for the day I break you.

Remember it’s not my fault,

But instead, your life was too simple,

So I was your freedom in disguise.


Your lively variation,

Your soul’s righteous song.

I took the form of it all,

And watched as it destroyed you.


I wasn’t given to you for your protection,

Nor did I come out of my own free will.

Our strings were tied and knotted together,

Then quickly unravelled with due time.


And so when I’m long gone,

And our memories no longer feel

I hope that in the end, it was worth it

And I hope you learnt to heal. 

  • Author: kozamu (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 17th, 2021 05:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: When I was young, I met someone who quickly changed my life. However fate wasn't kind enough to let us have each other for much longer and I quickly realised that not everyone who makes our lives seemingly different is our saviour in disguise, our guardian angel. Sometimes our lives are just too simple, or we are just too strong, so fate sends us something to test our resilience and in the end, that person will become someone that shapes you through a journey of heartaches and betrayal.
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  • rebmasters

    I love this - great title. It reminds me of a poem someone once wrote for me, which went:

    'grace is a strange & capricious goddess
    & for some strange reason
    she sometimes favours me,
    so now I can't help but believe
    you have been cursed.'


  • dusk arising

    Beautiful wisdom.
    The most touching poem I have read in a very long time and an absolute must for inclusion into my favourites.

    Welcome to MPS dear poet. We are a friendly bunch and this place thrives upon us all commenting upon one anothers poetry. Please feel free to throw stones at my posts. Enjoy yourself.

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