When Flesh Leaves Bone

when flesh leaves bone

when the windy blood sails itself to a dead soil

round turn and two half hitches

knots soul to sea

in honour brown as birds

as cruel as heart devoured by harvest men;


when death spins web

when circles vultures brains on prefaced lots

circled crops halfpenny for the Alfalfa fodder

bone deceives the flesh

the leach that bails the hay bridge

a limp walk tacks each footstep of the plough;


this seed of death; this seed of sudden calm

where lemon balm dives deep red basil eye

the mole of heart; the knave of spades digs deep

this treason on the deep seas hollow epitaph

I came. I lost.

I lived but died a bitter man not knowing;


when flesh leaves bone

with heart of forest flower

as delicate as snow as bright as starlight

now a servant to the forest floor to rise once more

to live again

to live and love to die a better man this time

a second chance

a better man now knowing;








  • Saxon Crow

    Beautiful. No other word to describe it

    • aDarkerMind

      a heartfelt thank you Saxon Crow.

    • Teddy.15

      Dear Melvin, Your last stanza shot me in the heart. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

      • aDarkerMind

        thank you Teddy...

        lost for words right now;

      • Neil Higgins

        "as delicate as snow as bright as starlight"
        The standout line for me Melvin.
        Nothing wrong with the rest of course my friend.Infact your poetry is unique.Let that sink in a bit 👍

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