The Greatest Lovers in Hell

My love was so beautifully tragic,

A truly miserable arrangement of fragile personas.

As intertwined limbs laid quiet a night

I realised I was far too invested to turn back. 


My love was so sadly misfortunate, 

A rusting halo laid above him constantly.

Although, it was inevitably lost

It was hearty and pure and the least bit grim


My love was a wanderer of faults

One that was learning how to mend.

Pass the never-ending fragments of his past,

He desires nothing more than to truly feel.


My love was a victim of his past,

A soul of long lost time and assaults.

With tragedies hard to climb and bare

He whispers his humanity to be a night.


My love was so impossibly pure

A combustion of unwanted passion

A place to feel wanted and sound

With it, I became calm and gentle 


My love was so benignly inane

A truly forbidden court.

Although it was never one to search for

It was one I would never regret.


My love was made by a bonded deal

One of clouded fire and burning void

For better or worse, “We’re to heal each other,

Or far fall and together be destroyed”


And together, without hesitation, we fell, like the beautiful tragedy we were, one that could never compare- the greatest lovers in hell.

  • Author: kozamu (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 18th, 2021 00:43
  • Comment from author about the poem: I wrote a book once about two self-proclaimed tragedies born into a world of deception and loss. Taking a gamble of a lifetime they allowed themselves to see if it was possible for their tragic persona to finally conclude. I think this sums up their relationship nicely and with that, I'd like to add a quote from the book. "I've never been a saviour for others or myself, I tend to break things I hold dear. No, I don't think I love you, however, if fate is kind enough to let me have you for a bit longer, I think I could learn to.... and I don't think I'll offer any resistance when that happens"
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