Awakend? or Decived?


I don't quite know anymore.

I know I still have faith,

... I think

 You said as small as a mustard seed right?

Some of the questions do make sense,

and man has turned you into what they were comfortable with you being.

I cant even begin to fathom your disappointment.

I wonder how much of the truth they are even telling us,

and if that's the case why are you letting your children walk around deceived?

Church has turned into the government,

Where they no longer tell the truth, 

but sooth people with cunning lies that sound so good and sound so happy,

just to keep everyone calm,

because the ONE thing that the government is scared of,

the ONE thing they cant control no matter how much they prepare ,

is a Mass Hysteria.

Spreading lies and collecting dollars.

I wonder if God knew all this would happen.

I mean I really wonder if he really, really knew..

Because some part of my soul is telling me,

If he knew,

he wouldn't have even bothered.

The creation rejecting the creator, 

now isn't that just a quick turn of events?

  • Author: Prettygirl412 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 18th, 2021 14:31
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  • G84

    This reminds me of the theme of a rap song by Hopsin - the ill mind of Hopsin 7 if you like rap music 100% listen to it, awesome right posing interesting questions

  • dusk arising

    Interesting, I think you are questioning the faith one of the organised religions gave to you... and why not. They've been getting it wrong for thousands of years, using it to gain a power over people, instilling fear into young children. Go with your heart, it won't let you down. We are spiritual beings.

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