Creation is Love

Samer Amin




When the world paraded its beauty before the eyes of the heart,




its beauty could not worth the value of a single moment of sincere love.




Since the only thing that could give value to the world and all beings,




is when we feel beloved by our loved ones.




Because the cause of the sacred happiness that we sense when we feel beloved by our loved ones,




lies at the heart of the fact which states clearly that the essence of love is a creative force.




A creative force that can bring into existence all lost hearts.




The lost hearts which inhabit the abyss of the nothingness.




The sincere love that can summon the lost souls back to the realm of true existence again,




when we hear the glorified divine voice calling for our names.




The majestic divine order that commands us to rise up again in a new dimension of true life.




The reviving divine command that can summon our lost souls from the outside darkness,




where the weeping and the gnashing of teeth.




This command that can take the form of the affectionate pulse.




The affectionate pulse which is generated into the hearts of the ones who love us.




The affectionate pulse that constitutes the underlying raw material of all the existence.




Are not the matter and energy, in their abstract essence,




nothing but the a sort of vibrations brought about by the Absolute Being.




The vibration that was brought about by the Absolute Being into its eternal essence by its immortal creative will.




Therefore, when the material world boasted its material achievements,




It would not provide a sufficient power that is capable of summoning the hearts into the realm of true existence,




as they are still in the depths of the physical existence alone.



The physical existence that lacks the vibration of love,




which creates the pulse of life in all beings.




Therefore, when you love someone, you give them a real life amidst a real dimension of existence.




In other words, the fluctuation of the word "Be" which called all beings into existence,




is the same vibrant letters which emanate from the heart of a life-giving lover.

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  • Published: August 19th, 2021 04:55
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  • Freni Karaluthara

    Dear Samer Amin, I liked your poem.
    the concluding lines are so beautiful and carries the truth.
    "In other words, the fluctuation of the word "Be" which called all beings into existence,
    is the same vibrant letters which emanate from the heart of a life-giving lover."

    • Samer Amin

      Thank you so much for your beautiful feedback and for your deep and insightful remarks.

      I'm so glad you liked it.

    • Having hope

      Like the other poems, this also has a great meaning dear brother. Like it so much ❤

      • Samer Amin

        Thank you very much Ali for your valuable appreciation.

        Your encouraging feedback always fills me with joy and enthusiasm. Stay happy and blessed.

        • Having hope

          You too my dear brother.

        • jarcher54

          Samer, you are a thoughtful soul. I enjoy your vivaciousness, your sincerity, the passion with which you urge the reader to come along with you. The interplay between physical existence being nothing and, when love is brought to bear, being everything, is intriguing. the end of your poem brings to my mind the famous lines of the Scottish poet Archibald MacLeish: "A poem should not mean, but be." I don't know that I follow all your meaning, but I like it anyway!

          • Samer Amin

            Thank you very much for your interest in my poem and for your lovely comments.

            In fact, the main theme of these lines is based on the scientific theory of “wave structure of matter” and the “dynamic unity of reality”, this theory and also its ancient Indian and Asian philosophical predecessors as well.

            These philosophies revolve around the concept of an "absolute being" that must exist by necessity, as well as its infinite number of attributes must be inherent in its entity by necessity too.

            This absolute entity was able to create by creating dynamic wave patterns in its indivisible eternal essence.

            Therefore, this wave patterns are the building blocks of all matter and energy. So, as a result of the formation of these waves, creation and differentiation took place in the eternal, immutable essence of this Absolute Essence.

            Since this Absolute Essence has an infinite number of traits as the definition of the term Absolute stipulates, the trait of love must be included and pervades throughout the fabric of the whole universe, and also as an inherent component in the basic building blocks of matter and energy. That is why it gives meaning and purpose to everything.

            Thank you again for your wonderful comment and wise feedback.

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