Shantha Teldeniya

Raise Your Hand With A Black Flag Against The Easter Sunday Attack.

Raise Your Hand With A Black Flag.



Raise your hands with a black flag.
Showing your heartfelt sorrow and sad,
Protest against the brutal murderous plan,
Memorize the Easter Sunday attack.


Innocents died, relatives still crying, 
Nobody can give their valued lives.
Nobody helps disabled victims.
Who can recover their lives?


Attackers died, and the godfather hide.
No found signs, who are the hides.
Does anybody want to hide the truth?
Reveal the truth and protect human rights.


My dear friends, where ever you live 
Come forward and make your voice.
Protest against the terrorist attack
And Hoist Black Flag for the truth and Justice. 


Shantha Teldeniya

  • Author: Shantha Teldeniya (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 21st, 2021 04:00
  • Category: Special occasion
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