Samer Amin

The Bridge of Silence




When the sounds of the night calm down on the bridge of silence,




and its hours start their night journey in the depth of its calmness,




and the crowding starts to disappear in the peacefulness of its tranquility,




and the dreams which are hidden into the folds of the soul,




start listening to the hymns of love that hover in the blackness of its sky,




and the lovers' hearts begin to communicate with each other through the mystic medium of the ether,




that includes and connects everything,




and from the somber colors of their sad nights, their hearts begin to paint some moments of joy,




celebrating the merriment of their love.




The love that does not care about the illusion of the false barriers of space and time,




since the heartbeat of lovers is the essence of the existence,




before the creation of time or space.




The heartbeat of lovers who sends love letters between them,




regardless of the darkness of their surrounding nights,




 and without being deciphered by anyone except themselves.




The heartbeat of lovers that meet on the bridge of silence,




which bridges between their despair and their hope.




The bridge of silence that allows lovers to reveal the secrets of their passionate love,




when the existence plunges into its eternal darkness,




and the heartbeat of lovers remains the only source of light and life,




amid the silence of this vast cosmic darkness.


  • Lorna

    You speak so well of the tranquility that can be found in the night.... very peaceful love.

    • Samer Amin

      Thank you so much!

      This is so true, especially the deep interplay between the calm of the night and the musical harmony of the sensations of love during that all-encompassing calm.

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