Gary Edward Geraci

Beyond the Sensual


How should I love Someone I can’t see, hear, smell,

Touch, or taste? Would there be still greater ways?

Through Faith, I’m told, ‘Thrice.’ I’ve heard no one says

It’s easy; suffice to say fierce fires, hell,

Burn division, camps, and factions; farewell!

They’ll retort, through a cloud of dust and haze;

Guide me! the Shepherd steps me through this maze.

Might I heighten my emotion? He’ll tell


Me of those with strong convictions who could

Breathe the foulness of ideologies

Born by folks with no faith at all - or so

They’d say; touch idols that splintered like Wood;

Eat Food that’s bland; see grand technologies

For leading man’s love further from the Know.


Gary Edward Geraci


  • orchidee

    A fine write Gary.

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