Christopher Huche

Trapped Avatars

Life is a puzzled wall-art for the mind

Painted over our eye with mysteries to find

Infinite space to mentally trap us inside

Even though there are frames to the sides


So we stare so hard through it's glass

Looking for the painter on the canvas

In the deeps and long walks to Mars

But what we seek only reflects on the glass


Now I see him sitting across the room
Watching over us but his face in the gloom

As freewill lead the Callous to their doom

In the realm we all shall return in the tomb


A place with shades that can't be painted

A place with texture that can't be felt

A place in an era that can't be dated

Is the conscience-energy that runs the earth


  • jarcher54

    I could have guessed you are an architect... very organized, precise, structured. I like the ambition and scope, the sincerity and drive to communicate. I'm not sure I totally get it, but I am intrigued. Give us more and I bet it starts to fall into place for me! Thanks for sharing.

    • Christopher Huche

      😊 thanks Jarchar54. I appreciate. I will be sending another today. That might explain further.

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