Silver Trees

Interminable grey road
twin-lined with silver trees
shaking their leaves
like stars
lost under a new moon.
The sky above stone grey;
how could it ever have been blue?

Red heart by the side of the road;
no one picks up hitchhikers anymore.
It will wander off-trail
to freeze under the hail
the heavy clouds threaten.
What choice is there but to go on
down this never-ending grey road?


  • yellowrose

    You have such a good way with words , really like this )

    • rebmasters

      Thank you! That old love/hate relationship with words - adore them but they also frustrate me immeasurably. I'm not actually that happy with this one - not sure it captures the feeling I was trying to convey. I think I could maybe do something better with the idea of the heart as a hitchhiker...

      Anyway, thank you for reading my dear x

    • yellowrose

      Maybe you could but it’s what you wrote at the time .

      I especially like the first verse in this

      Red heart by the side of the road ‘ I wasn’t totally sure what this meant but I found it interesting way with words . Sounds like someone a bit lonely ... just guessing

      • rebmasters

        I think I was trying to describe what it feels like when someone leaves you. You're just something abandoned at the side of the road of someone else's life. But yes, a bit clumsy this one! I think I could maybe rework it

        • yellowrose

          Yes , the hitchhiker ... abandoned . I got a lonely feeling from that verse .

        • jo

          Nice one. I especially like, "The sky above stone grey;
          how could it ever have been blue?"
          'Stone grey' sends such coldness. And to ask if that sky could have ever been blue reminds me of how I react to the weather sometimes. When it's raining it feels to me like it can perhaps never be sunny again, and when it's really hot, it feels like the cool freshness will never return.

          I'm sure each individual could list situations where the sky above is stone grey for them. Well done on penning such a universal line.

          • rebmasters

            Yes, it's funny how some moments are so vivid and saturated with colour in our minds. I think nature often sparks the creative parts of our minds and reminds us of the beauty of a moment. Thank you for your kind comments 🖤

          • L. B. Mek

            'Red heart by the side of the road;
            no one picks up hitchhikers anymore.'
            that's why the world is split
            between those who choose to strut
            as oblivious, self-absorbed stray cats
            distrusting everything and hiding behind
            that nihilistic bleak mindset, to life..
            and those, remnant few
            who seek a connection
            an answer, to wage their war of defiance
            insuring this, their one experience of life
            will be worth all that inevitable suffering..
            (found this to be such a measured take
            on modernity's
            warped, experience of life for so many)
            thanks for sharing, dear poet
            (colour doesn't matter really,
            as long as we're still daring enough
            to share our heart's) lol

            • rebmasters

              Haha that's right - love is love is love. You're the best L.B. I think what you've written above is also very true for your poem that you published today.


            • Coyote

              The lonesome traveler who lives in the moment of the next ride. You capture his/her perspective beautifully.

              • rebmasters

                Thank you very much. Perhaps that's what we're all doing ❤

              • Robert Haigh

                This reads like an allegory, where the road is symbolic of life itself. We all have to travel down those grey roads sometimes. A poem I'm sure most readers can relate to.

                • rebmasters

                  We do indeed, but hopefully we can find those beautiful moments that are tiny acts of rebellion against life being meaningless. Thank you my friend ❤

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