Notice of absence from HannahElisabeth
Taking a long overdue mental health vacation. I will check in when I can.


Another sleepless night


Means too much time to ponder


And though I try my damnedest


My mind can’t help but wander


They say the definition of insanity


Is doing the same thing repeatedly


Expecting a different outcome




My mind keeps running back to you




The most exquisite form of madness


  • orchidee

    Aww, why your mind keep running back to me?! heehee.
    I wish I would shut up! You probably don't mean me. lol.

    • HannahElisabeth

      Well now it is, thank you for my first giggle of the day (or should I say night since I'm still awake?) lol
      Definitely don't shut up, the silliness is much appreciated πŸ™‚

    • Fay Slimm.

      You define love so well in this rant against insomnia Hannah - I like the flow of the piece and the space you give to your wording.

      • HannahElisabeth

        Thank you for such kind words, Fay. And thank you for reading!

      • Neil Higgins

        I used to count sheep.How stupid is that ?
        I'm trying to sleep,not stay awake πŸ€”

        • HannahElisabeth

          Who in their right mind ever decided we ought to count sheep anyway? Only kept me awake longer, pondering that very question haha

        • Coyote

          I guess love really is a form of insanity...lol
          Brilliant write Hannah. Going into my favsπŸ™‚

          • HannahElisabeth

            Awe thank you Coyote, I'm so glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

          • myself and me

            An exquisite expression of love. Beautiful writing.

            • HannahElisabeth

              Thank you for the very kind words, and thank you for taking the time to read it!

            • Jay-Lee Jane

              I adore this poem and can really feel what your saying. My childhood friend passed away quite recently (so i see this from a different lens then the one you wrote it in) but it left me quite heartbroken for a long time - still does. often my thoughts go back to him, more often at night....thank you for your beautiful, heartfelt words. they echo in my soul.

              • HannahElisabeth

                Jay-Lee Jane, I'm so sorry about your loss. This was actually about losing two dear friends of mine, one passed away back in April, and the other I could no longer stay friends with. The one who passed was the epitome of love and kindness and yes, I miss him most especially when I think of the other friend I had to walk away from, usually late at night. My heart goes out to you ❀️

              • fallenAngel1πŸ•Š

                They say misery loves company. So it tends to keep you from you beauty sleep,but I'm sure you have enough beauty to take a bit of time off.πŸ€— I feel wierd about saying I enjoyed this. It just sounds like I'm saying I enjoyed hearing about your troubles,..wierd! Thanks for sharing🐯 I did not "enjoy" this.🌞

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