Given a choice
of how I wished to die,
I would want to be incorporated
into your flesh.
To disappear
beneath your scent;
become one with your sweat.
To be part of the millions
of synapses
firing in your bright brain;
lighting it up,
like an otherwise deep, black night.
The astonishing fireworks
of your impressive thoughts
would be before my sight
& mine to view
up close,
til my eyes become seared by the
colourful spectacle
& I am a brief blink
in your beautiful eye


  • Coyote

    And the Caterpillar must die to be reborn as a Butterfly. A very beautiful write Reb.

    • rebmasters

      That's a very sweet comment - thank you very much my dear 😊❤

    • myself and me

      A lovely choice to fuse into your lover and to be one forever.

      • rebmasters

        I wish I could! But nothing lasts forever, we can only enjoy these beautiful moments. Thank you for your kind comment xx

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