L. B. Mek

Reaching out



Watching chaos, infiltrate and shackle

as pixels abuse our sanity

while we elect, those who choose divisiveness

knowing they’ll help us, unite

under that umbrella we yearn most, distractions

at any cost…


How, do we express our passion

to heal each other?


What can we offer to ease that fear

that’s robbed us 

of all that we deem, meaningfully believable? 


Why, must we even try?


Dear reader

escape, life’s endless poetry 

free yourself of empathy and consciousness

denounce questioning and hope, instead

choose: that ‘genius of the crowd’,


hide, hide, hide


never, reach out

leave it all for us fools

already trapped


you at least, be free

to choose

that easier path,


run, run, run


and never, turn back

onwards - blending in



for now, even their facade 

of gratuitous self-gratification 

is despairingly, your only option


for self-preservation…


Escape, this future we’re mapping

where words are naught

but bows and arrows 

in a world of nuclear handguns 


and their all consuming 

mass slavery

of our actual, mind’s;


we’ll wage our futile resistance 

you, make the best of your life


we’ll all meet, on the other side

where mercifully, hopefully 

freewill: will, no longer exist


and we won’t be burdened 

by the idiocy of that maniacal, herd





© L. B. Mek

August 2021


  • Robert Haigh

    The people of Afghanistan have been badly let down by the West. The situation always was a complex one, and there are no easy answers - especially now. However, Western governments (especially the U.S. and the British) have handled the situation badly, and they should hang their heads in shame!

    • L. B. Mek

      thank you

    • Doggerel Dave

      Temporary armistice, Mek: I'll vote for this one.
      Now don't call....

    • dusk arising

      No wonder the west and westerners are hated in so many places around the world. We invade, placate, tempt and corrupt with commercialism and the dollar. Abuse and kill in the name of peacekeepers and eventually run away, tail between legs from places we should never have tried to make 'do it our way'. Leaving behind what. Look at Afghanistan, Viet nam, and Laos (spin off of Viet nam) where USA dropped more tonnage of bombs than they dropped in WW2 and to this day thousands of innocent PEOPLE are being killed or maimed by unexploded cluster bombs. Who wins in the end.... why the mighty dollar of the armaments trade of course, war is a huge earner for capitalism... and a scar on the heart of humanity in the west.

      • L. B. Mek

        'and a scar on the heart of humanity in the west'
        profound, as ever Dusk
        I just watched, this callous news coverages
        with their 4k clarity zoomed-in, callous profiteering
        of a genuine humanitarian tragedy
        so I just couldn't help, feeling overwhelmed
        and these here feebly scribbled words
        of despairingly morose 'temporary' hopelessness
        is what inked out of me...
        (truly appreciate your insightful comments
        especially for widening the lens of the subject
        to include past and current, comparable stains
        on collective humanity's shamefully, cyclical: history)
        thank you!

      • Neville

        Hey L.B .. I wanna copy n paste each of the three reviews that hit this page before me ... No doubt there will be many more ................. brilliant poem .. tragic situation made worse by politicians who aww I aint even gonna go there .. N

        • L. B. Mek

          'who.... Aww, I ain't even gonna go there! ..'
          that's exactly how emptied-out I was feeling
          at the time I started writing, what's crazy
          is that as much as we try to block out the
          'madding crowd'
          all that chaos, seeps-in somehow and we're left
          bereft of hope, although mercifully - only momentarily...
          but still, this too: is a part of our complexity
          so I thought it would be worthwhile, to share..
          thank you! for succinctly phrasing the frustration I was feeling

        • flyingfish

          What a waste!

          • L. B. Mek

            beggars belief!?

          • myself and me

            The job of politician is to create hell and they are damn good at it. The most ironic fact is they will follow you to the other side too.

            • L. B. Mek

              What a Brilliant comment
              your devastatingly sarcastic wit
              was exquisitely deployed, to distil
              the barbaric irony of their wilful actions...
              thank you!

            • HannahElisabeth

              Huge fan of Bukowski and you nailed it with this one. I had to add this to my favs

              • L. B. Mek

                yes, his time for widespread recognition will come
                profound genius like his can't be denied, only delayed!
                I too am a fan, of his unapologetically brave veracity
                I don't think other writers can bare themselves
                more than he did, mark of a truly unique Poet
                (in my humble opinion)
                yes, we do get the unsavoury elements
                but, the treasures in his words: by Far
                justify, the investment of patience needed
                to read his work and siphon
                his Poetry's bequeathed: Wisdom.
                (thank you, for highlighting Bukowski
                in your comment, dear Poet
                and for your generously kind show of support)

                • HannahElisabeth

                  Do you have a particular favorite work of his?

                  I didn't think it possible to adore his insanely mad brilliance any more than I already did, until being gifted his collection on cats;

                  "neither of us understands
                  cathedrals or
                  the man outside
                  watering his

                  Truly a unique poet indeed, and well worth the patience.

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