Bus Folk


I catch the number 91, to a pasture,

more polite; than the usual shite,

I call my “home-grown moan tome!”


The electronic swish of the doors

open wide; like a beautiful smile, and

then I hand over my competitively

priced £4 fare; to get there, to that

much needed breath of fresh air.


I am satisfied with the ride, as only

a few of us dwell, and we do so quietly;

either revelling with a silent grin,

or wallowing with a muted grimace, thus

dancing or fighting in our private worlds.


Though in age, I am singled out: a babe,

amongst a grey collective, we all do get along,

for we know when to speak, and when

to give discretion, so there’s no aggression,

for our co-existence; is as smooth as the

engine’s whir, and as welcome as the

countryside our eyes hungrily digest.


As our stops come into focus, we all take

notice, that our mutual respect was not

bogus, thus, we act in our customary

ways, to celebrate happier days,

to look forward to tell of where we have

trod, but for now, our goodbye, is a courteous nod…


Bus folk, bus folk, you’re my kind of people,

I really do hope that soon, there’s a sequel!   


  • dusk arising

    As a child and young man I used various bus services a lot and found them enjoyable mostly. The wet and cold or snowy days on crowded buses could be a trial though.

    Your post today brought back some happy memories of my travels.

    With age came my bus pass and I was keen to climb aboard the sleek looking Mercedes single decker bus. But oh such a disappointment was the ride quality. The whole bus shook with harsh vibration constantly and the hard seat beneath me was unforgiving. Such a change for the worse, but thank you for the memories.

    • AuburnScribbler

      Thanks for the read dusk arising, hope all is well!

      I'm glad that this poem brought back some happy memories for you, despite your rides being uncomfortable. I hope the next time that you ride a bus, the quality of the ride is better for you.

    • Doggerel Dave

      You know Ben, it really wasn't necessary to visit your home page to know you weren't located in London, nor Sydney for that matter.....
      However away from metropolitan transportation, as I've experienced on occasional holidays, the mobile club lounge can exist - although I've only ever qualified for temporary membership and had to be on my best behavior...
      Many thanks - for me a memory of a great little interlude.

      • AuburnScribbler

        Thanks for the read Doggerel Dave, hope all is well!

        Glad that I gave you a nice "memory interlude", and yes, I have travelled in the big cities via the tube or "underground" as well. A similar crowd are "tube" folk, though the difference is, on a bus, silence is a choice. HAHA!

      • matthew jay

        Before I was old enough to drive. I road the bus occasionally. I still remember many of them years later they were good people.

        • AuburnScribbler

          Thanks for the read matthew jay, hope all is well!

          I couldn't agree more, the drivers, bus station workers, (and for the most part) the passengers, are really good people indeed.

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