Joe Dawson

Sleepcatcher Way

(Virtual Love 2)

Hearts at a distance, words in between,

Faith in each other, skin close in their

Dreams. A few precious moments, they

Share every day, just to know that he’s

There, just to know she’s OK. Far less

Than a park bench or a local café, but

Somehow much more in a less sort of



A room with a window, that stares at

Wall, in need of a friend to share poems

And talk, to listen and hear what the

Other confides, without need of a sermon

On how to live life. A mutual concession,

Like the moon and the tide; faith to share

Feelings one might otherwise hide.


I know it’s not much, but words have a

Way, of lifting the spirit and brightening

The day; an internet penfriend, a satellite

Stroll, by the banks of ‘come hold me,’

Near ‘you’re not alone.’ Arm in arm along

Wordsway, passed the ol’ Five and Rhyme,

Poet’s Corner looks busy: reading your

Work tonight.


The thrill of temptation, fond words in the

Night, pillow-rest whispers, a nine mile

High flight, not real, but the pictures that

Words conjure up, are more than enough

To turn humdrum to love. A fantasy lover,

Nocturnal delight, all poetic licence, but

Ever so nice, a perfect conclusion at close

Of the day, in the arms of a dream, down

Sleepcatcher Way.


© Joseph G Dawson


  • Laura🌻


    What a wonderful and reassurance feeling your readers will have when they read your excellent poem. We’ll never feel alone; we’ll never feel forgotten. We’ll know there’s someone out there who cares.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and your warmhearted friendship.


    • Joe Dawson

      Hi Laura, you're very kind, hope you are well and life is looking up with every passing day. As you may have guessed upon reading the above, the opening two lines are from a message I sent you a few weeks ago and one I decided to expand upon; so glad you liked the finished piece. My thanks to you. Joe 😎👍

      • Laura🌻

        Yes, I’m doing well,
        thank you.
        Yes, I remember your response where I commented:
        ‘You truly captured the essence of the meaning of virtual love’.
        So glad you expanded upon the message you sent me. I thank you.

        Have a wonderful Sunday.


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      • Goldfinch60

        May Sleepcatcher Way always bring your these wonderful feelings - and words Joe.

        • Joe Dawson

          Thank you, oh, I'm sure it will, 😁 Joe

        • yellowrose

          Lovely words , joe 🙂 I really like the flow and pacing of this poem and I especially like the last verse . Great writing 🙂

          • Joe Dawson

            Thank you , you have brightened my day. Not around much at the moment, I'm working all the hours... Joe

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