Oh that you could shatter yourself

That a thousand pieces of you

Could scatter to the four winds

So you'd feel yourself placed everywhere

Not confined to any one time or space

Or other boundaries limiting your view

Arranging yourself thus

May leave me bereft

But satisfy your wanderlust




  • Accidental Poet

    The urge to be free and explore many places has always fascinated mankind, and so beautifully penned here by you Lorna. I totally enjoyed this. 😉

    • Lorna

      I'm so glad!

    • Laura🌻


      His departure might have left you bereft, but his ‘wanderlust’ may have been satisfied…and in that I’m sure you’ll find some solace.
      A great read of your beautifully penned words.
      Thank you for sharing.


      • Lorna

        Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by.......

      • dusk arising

        Reminded me of a feeling which comes over me in waves now and again. Parts of me belong all over the place maybe because i have no solid aged roots. But through it all, I am rooted to my surrounds and what is dear to me.

        • Lorna

          Well I suppose we really are parts of everywhere........

        • Fay Slimm.

          A cry of appeal to another who cannot be on one place or situation for long is so artfully written here Lorna - really enjoyed the hidden force in this read.

          • Lorna

            Probably less romantic in practice for the wandering souls eh Fay? Or until they get old and long for a real home.........

          • Floreann

            One great write..well done..

            • Lorna

              So kind - thanks!

            • Doggerel Dave

              Aren't you being just a little too understanding there, Lorna?


              Sweet write though.

              • Lorna

                Thanks Dave - your link didn't take me to anything except a page of sites so not sure which one it's supposed to be. Thanks for liking it!

                • Doggerel Dave

                  `Hi Lorna: Maybe Google 'the stranger song leonard cohen'. It's the one with his face in the visuals. I cannot tell if it perfectly fits your situation, but thought it just conceivably might, perhaps in part. - If not , then I can only apologise for taking up too much of your time.........

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                • orchidee

                  Lust? Swoon! Ahh, wanderlust. I see! lol.

                  • Lorna

                    Honestly where is Fido when you need him!

                  • L. B. Mek

                    what a comprehensive portrait
                    what a sobering dose of reality
                    what a relatable read of poetic, brevity..
                    thank you, for choosing to share

                    • Lorna

                      I'm blushing..........

                    • Neville

                      even the word itself conjures up so many new and as yet to find people, places, sights, sounds, tastes n smells .. feels perfect to me my friend .. so can you imagine a whole page devoted to its namesake ....... feels like a mixture of freedom and heaven all rolled into one ..................... Neville

                      • Lorna

                        Don't go running off! Thanks for the read!

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