Florence J

The dance of time

Time passes by, but I’m stuck in a trance.


Lost in my head of thoughts and trapped by memories.


You see, you can grow and continue with life. 

Whilst I’m trapped in the should haves, could haves and would haves.        

The if’s, but’s and must’s in life, that I refused to do.

The challenges that I never overcame, but in turn conceded to.


The clock is ticking, louder than ever.

People are marching ahead,                   but I’m at a standstill…swirling around in circles.


Regret has begun to court me and embrace me in her dubious arms.

She begins to romance me and I slowly melt away in her deceit.

Her lies become like honey, sweeter by the minute… leaving me craving more.



Time passes by, beauty fades and I begin to age before I even know it.


Has it been this long?              

Have I been standing here alone, for all this time?


You see,            

while you were walking forward in life, moving on and becoming merry

I was still.

Left here wasting.


My memories became my present and I lost touch with my reality.

The thing with time,

is that its continues,

even  when you decide to be at a standstill.


I became a slave to my past… anchored to the life I used to live.

The future was a distant hope…something I could never achieve.


Time passes by and now my regrets have come to pass,

This gruelling dance is over, for once at last.


  • Floreann

    Your poem hauntingly magical lost in the past a wonderful write..

    • Florence J

      Thank you soo much ❤️❤️ I really appreciate it 💛

    • L. B. Mek

      what a bravely transparent depiction
      of deeply sensitive and personal musings..
      sometimes we all feel stranded, from a future
      we can't picture
      as our past consumes our now, so overwhelmingly!
      really like your accessible wording
      thanks for sharing

      • Florence J

        Wow this was such a beautiful take away L.B!
        Beautifully written💛
        Thank you soo much for taking the time to read this poem

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