Neil Higgins

Warm And Free

I am so warm and free.
Dancing alone within my soul to perform a duet with the sun perhaps,
Closing my eyes and spinning with my arms held wide.
Butterflies and cherubs acting as a guide.
Serenade for me as my head spills back to one side.
The wind kisses my breath as I let loose a cry of delight and wonder.
I am alive and with poetry boast so asunder.
To be alone in a trance of musical joy like a symphony of noise reflecting all around.
I am with the elements and rake all my good fortune as one would coals over a fire.
Yet my desire is to perform to perfection and shout my lines "magnificent" upon the surrounding stage.
For I the dream am all the rage and so engage,
with the birds fluttering near in the breeze.
As they gently whisper their tunes of hope and love.
For on cue nearby lands a beautiful and gentle turtle dove.


  • dusk arising

    Run and jump, enjoy the frivolity but watch out for that ageing hip sir!

    Your poetry has the air of spring about it today and is envigorating and pleasing. Enjoyable, yes.

  • Neil Higgins

    Many thanks DA.I had the dreaded writers block for a while,but the fog seems to have lifted a little.

    • BusyB

      You and me both, glad to see you got your mojo back!!! 👏

    • Lorna

      Such a good write Neil! Loved it.

      • Neil Higgins

        Many thanks Lorna.After an unintended hyatus,I seem to have my poetry hat back on.

        • Lorna

          Yes I've noticed that's been hitting me lately too! I think it's August - I just can't stand this month........ ha!

        • Fay Slimm.

          Love every line of this elegant dancing with wind and sun and of course freedom -- a piece of excellent prose to recite on stage my friend.

          • Neil Higgins

            Thanks Fay.
            Tesco's were not amused unfortunately.

          • Doggerel Dave

            The freedom tin... the liberation tin..not a bad way to preserve it - you can open whenever you like now.....
            To experience just once is more than some folks manage, Neil.. i'm glad I'm not one of them.
            A joyful unblocked write.

            • Neil Higgins

              Thank you Dave.If you like golf,I had the dreaded yips,and thought my poetry days had lapsed.But no.I survived.
              Thanks for the comments my friend.

            • L. B. Mek

              'For I the dream am all the rage and so engage,
              with the birds fluttering near in the breeze.
              As they gently whisper their tunes of hope and love.'
              simply beautiful, in choice wording
              thank you, dear Poet

              • Neil Higgins

                Hoorah.Writer's block has climbed above the fog.Many thanks for your continued support LB.

              • Jayasree

                Beautiful, so free and loving the freedom. I can feel the sun on my face and the butterflies guiding me. Loved reading it.

                • Neil Higgins

                  Thank you.It was a sunny warm day when this was written.So I simply had to spin around,close my eyes,and embrace the day.

                • Teddy.15

                  Sounds to me that your muse has shaken your very core and I feel every bit of emotion and delight. It's great to be back. 🤗

                  • Neil Higgins

                    It's lovely to have you back.And thank you for the kind words.Virtual hugs all around.

                  • Goldfinch60

                    I was out there with you Neil enjoying all the elements to bring to poetry.


                  • Neil Higgins

                    Many thanks Andy.My first return after the "yips" as golfers say.

                  • Michael J. Schaeffer

                    I really Enjoyed this Poem. I Enjoyed the Nature in it. You Paint a Great Picture with Words.

                    • Neil Higgins

                      Many thanks Michael.I was indeed in a happy and spinning around mode for this poem.The whole day was just wonderful,so I had to write these words down,to reflect upon my happiness.

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