"Encore!" They Say

Before these curtains close
I'll attach this clown's nose
When the moonlit chants touch my heart
I'll tie this hanging rope

Will the Devil peak through my eyes?
Will She tear down my disguise?
Will She steal my heart and play Her chords?
Her eerie song pulling me through the floor

Who will call on God's name
When my dance is drenched in shame?
Will She cut me down and throw me away?
How I wonder every single day

What will sorrow mean to me
When my life's crumbled down to my feet?
Will Hell's fire really burn 
Or will it feel like a light breeze of insatiancy?

Upon the request of my final act
I'll do my best to tattoo my neck
With the noose from my lovely audience
The scene of my fall will leave them in utter jest.

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