Aniket Agrawal


Nature Nature Nature,
U have made such beautiful creature
With some exceptions in mankind,
Even with working eyes, we all are blind
Doing all mischief in the Hangover of development,
Now it's all clear our brain has a big dent
Sometimes I feel, you made a big mistake,
By watching the actions on you that we take
Actually we don't deserve a planet like earth,
Mother nature, why u gave us birth
May be Elon will reach Mars and others too,
But we guarantee to destroy even that with things we do
See , you gave us brain to think free ,
But shame! Can't differentiate between lifeless diamonds and a fruitfull tree
You were the Almighty and you will remain forever,
They're stupid who call themselves as powerful leader
Making more and more money has made us blind,
Forget Heaven!!! Even a small place in hell would be difficult to find.
Mistook a wrong path and forgot all our duty,
Please Mother forgive us and make us dive in your love and beauty!!!!

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