Florence J

This is a woman’s world

This is a woman’s world.

We make ourselves big, In places that are too small,

Asserting our authority in all matters, so that we may stand tall.


We pass judgements about the other sexes and restrict their rights,

Through weaponising our femininity to win our fights.


We speak on matters that aren’t our concern, just to have our say

Risking the mental well-being of everyone, all in just a day.


We rob jobs, just because of our gender and demand a rise for just that,

If a man speaks up about the injustice.. we just simply attack.


Your body, your choice? What a pathetic town cry.

We’ll murder  your bodily autonomy, without an alibi.


Street corners are our havens, we patrol them with no fear.

We enjoy this world freely, without a shudder of thought or care.


While you contrive sophisticated plans, just to ensure your safety,

We shout at you and demand you stop being hasty.


An Uber ride for you, is supposedly such an ‘ordeal’,

Well maybe you men should stop looking soo good, and just keep them lips sealed.


Sounds funny right?

But, this is a woman’s world right?


Where we are treated equally in everything we have…

And where our opportunity’s are endless, with no segregation gender gap.



I wish this was a woman’s world, where we had all the power.

Unfortunately, that is just a dream…in a world where I am seen as just a coward.


This is a woman’s world,

Where I am the second line.


It would nice to be the first line for once,

To finally live as a gender where my body is not a crime!

  • Author: Florence J (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 2nd, 2021 13:23
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is not an attack on any specific genders displayed throughout. It is meant to depict the uneasy feeling I experience as a woman, in a mans word. These are my opinions views ( and is not meant to be interpreted as my opinion of all men) please be kind when commenting 💛 And remember that poetry is art, subjective. 💛💛
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  • BusyB

    Very true, enjoyed your insight!

    • Florence J

      Thank you soo much 💛

    • L. B. Mek

      speak your Truth, but don't expect kindness
      from this cruel world
      be brave, insure you've measured the weight of your words
      before you share them with world and then, just let them be
      when you feel you have to explain yourself
      to prevent, deter hate or abuse
      that feeling is a form of toxicity, shed it
      never repress it
      it will hinder your painstakingly built
      sense of independence..
      (forgive my rant, I meant well
      I like your insightful take
      on modernity's warped concept of empowerment
      where it works, only if you sign-up to the whole package
      or else you're deemed unworthy of its haphazard benefits)
      your work reminded me
      of this lyrics from Neneh Cherry's song 'Woman':
      'You gotta be fortunate, you gotta be lucky now
      I was just sitting here thinkin' good and bad
      But I'm the kind of woman that was built to last
      They tried erasing me, they couldn't wipe out my past
      To save my child, I'd rather go hungry
      I've got all of Ethiopia inside of me
      And my blood flows through every man
      In this Godless land, that delivered me
      I've cried so many tears even the blind can see

      This is a woman's world, this is my world
      This is a woman's world, for this man's girl
      There ain't a woman in this world, not a woman or a girl
      That can't deliver love, in a man's world'

      • Florence J

        I agree with you entirely!

        It’s a very toxic mindset and I realised that I shouldn’t have to post a ‘warning’ before portraying my art. I just didn’t want it to offend anyone 😭

        Beautifully written! I’m not familiar with the song, but those lyrics definitely encapsulate the essence of what the poem is about!
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
        I always look forward to your take.
        Hope you are having a lovely day 💛

      • Doggerel Dave

        Go for it Flo. Took me time to work out what you were on about, but by the end, I'd caught up. Good satire. Keep working on this topic sometimes (not every time, people will switch off).

        • Florence J

          Thank you so much D, for the lovely comment and taking the time out to read the poem through! I will most definitely continue to work on this topic and refine my thoughts 💛💛

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