Notice of absence from HannahElisabeth
Taking a long overdue mental health vacation. I will check in when I can.

I wish I could be a bigger person,

I wish I could wish you well,


But I honestly hope

Every song, every note

Every poem, every joke

Every love that we wrote

Every word that we spoke

All the fields and the flowers

The horses and trees

Lake days in hammocks

And warm summer breeze

Museums full of art

That we promised to see

The places we’d travel

The people we’d be

The wild and rural

And alien things

Everything cosmic

And butterfly wings

The taste of witchcraft  

That our lips used to bring

Obsidian stones

And tiger’s eye rings

My well-loved guitar

With even more well-loved strings

Every blank canvas

Still begging for art

Like ink spilled and etched

Ever deep in our hearts

Like the anchors forever

Skin deep in our arms

If you ever do find

A more permanent remedy

I wish you pure happiness 

That brings back every memory

That at one point in time

You had me entirely


  • Coyote

    I know how you feel Hannah but I could never express it as beautifully as you do here. Nice work indeed.

    • HannahElisabeth

      Aww thank you friend, I'm sorry you relate though!

    • Doggerel Dave

      Ambivalence, Hannah? I want to turn that into two separate pieces:
      Top and tail (top and bottom) as one short sharp rebuke, while the body stands alone as a rich tapestry of experience.. (that's just for me, though - take not the slightest notice.)

      PS: For an absentee you are very present - thankfully.

      • HannahElisabeth

        To be honest I actually thought of that for a brief moment, I just might take your advice.

        And yeah, I initially took a brief hiatus from social media altogether and will return to that shortly most likely. I guess you could say I had to get lost in some poetry for a few more days... Just wanted to leave that message before the semester kicks into high gear.

        Good to know I was almost missed 🙃

        • Doggerel Dave

          Yeh................ almost.....😊

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        • yellowrose

          Lovely words 🙂

        • Teddy.15

          i seem to have missed this, better late than never, ah yes the sting of the goodbye bug of love, lol i'm sorry but one of my most favourite poetry is about love and here you have another masterpeice of feelings and emotion. bloomin love can twist us up and spit us out yet make our insides flutter like a butterfly. a complicated subject in which i find inspiration always thank you hannah love the originality of this one. x

          • HannahElisabeth

            Thank you Teddy for your sweet words yet again. When I made reference to "be careful what you wish for" in the comment on Metamorphosis, I was referring to this. After leaving my really awful marriage (that's a nice way to put it) losing this love hurt by far the most. So my apologies for all the heart wrenching, somewhat bitter stuff, my "best friend" pulled a really dirty move... So here I am making poetry out of the whole experience 🙃

            • Teddy.15

              Oh no, never ever apologize I'm deeply sorry for the way others have treated you, but you have some amazing poetry as for love and best mates well they were not true, move on my friend and find happiness you deserve. For now they have obviously driven you to write poetry fit for a book. Keep it up, everything happens for a reason. Stay well my dear friend.

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