Celestial Amy

Have I Lost My Mind?

I hate and hate and hate

All I ever desired

Melted in my hands

Through the fire of another


I guess I got what I asked for

To feel more emotions

To suffocate in the smoke


Now I don't know anymore

If my state before was healthier

Or if this is the way

To truly heal those wounds


I fear I just keep ripping off

All those bandaids without a chance

Of feeling pleasure ever again


Spite is all I live for

Not by choice

But by need


I scream and whisper

Just to be run over again


You and me

It's all I ever hoped for

Oh but here we are

The dagger ripped apart

Not only my heart

But also my life

And my whole personality


Can I even be without you?


You were my family

The only one I ever had

You were part of me

The part I loved the most


Have I lost my mind?

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