From Texas With Love

Everything's bigger in Texas.
So don't you tread on me.
If we say, 'no', we mean, 'no'.
If we say, 'yes', we mean, 'yes',
and we don't care if you don't agree.
We hold dear our morale values,
and value all of our rights.
We straighten out,
what needs to be straightened,
when something is out of line.
When people get too liberal,
we say, 'take that somewhere else,
and if you don't know,
where to take it,
we'll be glad to show you ourselves'.
So to all the other,
forty-nine states,
I'm writing from Texas with love.
Still, if you decide to push us,
we'll come right back with a shove.

my name is billy the kid
i hail from elpaso
don`t tread on my
or you might wind up under the grasso

The batter digs a solid ditch
Catcher decides on a pitch
Batter squares - strike three
Fastballs high are such a bitch.

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