I want to be with you*


I want the sun to shine again.
I want to feel soft light
filter through my eyelids
before I open them.
I want there to be nothing between me
& feeling free.
I want to place my palm
on the trunk of an ancient tree,
throw my arms open wide
& absorb the wild power of the sea.
I want to see pure snow
from somewhere so high up
that I don’t feel the cold.
I want to laugh
because I’m so surprised.
I want to trust your existence
& mine.
I want to be free from the past
& not be afraid of
an interminable future,
because they’re not prisons
& we are not captives.
I want to tell you I love you
because somehow you are here too
& that’s some sort of miracle
& if I could believe;
maybe it’s meant to be.
I want to walk for miles
under transcendent skies,
following the mesmeric coast.
I want to have nowhere to go,
I want to learn how to go slow.
I want to be quiet,
I want to scream when I need it;
I mean no harm,
I just want to see stars.
I want to keep trying
even when I’m failing.
I want to look deep into your eyes,
I want to drink your smile.
I want to die,
without explaining why
because it’s ok that
nothing lasts forever.
I want to dream,
I want to know what it all means,
but even if I never do,
I want to be with you


*title stolen from the song by Workman Song

  • Author: rebmasters (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 7th, 2021 01:45
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Caring dove

    So beautiful 🙂🙂🙂

    “ I want to place my palm
    on the trunk of an ancient tree,
    throw my arms open wide
    & absorb the wild power of the sea.“

    I especially love these lines ...

    • rebmasters

      Thank you ❤️

      This is a special one for me - written when I was quite low, but hopefully on the way back up

    • Vacancy

      Currently experiencing all of these emotions, you world them beautifully.

      • rebmasters

        Thank you x

        I ❤ your profile picture

        • Vacancy

          Thank you! I drew it myself

          • rebmasters


          • L. B. Mek

            these lines:
            'I want to place my palm
            on the trunk of an ancient tree,
            throw my arms open wide
            & absorb the wild power of the sea.'
            reminded me of one of my older posts
            ( https://mypoeticside.com/show-poem-123012 )
            this is a wonderful statement write, an affirmation of self, and a landmark
            to propel - forward from,
            leap forth, dear poet
            fly high!
            forget Icarus (we men could never multi task...) lol

            • rebmasters

              Thank you ❤

              My muse told me that in some parts of the world, if you want to make a sexual advance to someone, then you go & place your hand on a tree while looking at them provocatively. I thought it was interesting & I laughed cause I do this all the time x

              • L. B. Mek

                'behold: my sultry - come hither poses'
                'behold: my reciprocating - tree trunk, of a giggity reply......' 🐶
                (sorry for taking this somewhere lewd
                I try, but inside I'm barely much older than 6
                on a good day..) 😞

                • rebmasters

                  I know! Haha it is funny, but also tragic because in countries where homosexuality is illegal, or at least still severely discriminated against, people had to come up with some sort of 'code' and that's where it comes from. But should definitely be some sort of universal thing when you're interested in someone and want to let them know 😉

                • Saxon Crow

                  I want to know if it is need?

                  • rebmasters

                    There's the quote from Erich Fromm:

                    "Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you. ' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you. '"

                    Honestly, I have no idea x

                  • Alex Arnot

                    You can really feel the tension building with every line. The flow and pace are phenomenal!

                    • rebmasters

                      Thank you my friend ❤

                      That's very kind of you x

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