Kill Her Baby Girl

While holding his baby girl, a black man and his teenage daughter are running from his black wife and I'll tell you why;

The black wife wants to stab and kill her baby girl and that's no lie.


The reason why the unfit black mother wants to stab and kill her baby girl is because she believes that everyone will die from COVID-19;

The unfit black mother is crazy and mean.


The Shotokan Muslimah sees what's happening while driving somewhere, which is true;

She drives towards the crazy bitch and stops her car and here are more things that the Shotokan Muslimah would do.


The Shotokan Muslimah gets out of her car and tells the shitty mom to stop, which is brave as can be;

The shitty mom tries to stab and kill the Shotokan Muslimah immediately.


The Shotokan Muslimah kicks the knife out of the whore's hand;

She also kicks and knocks out the whore, which is grand.


The black man and his teenage daughter thank the Shotokan Muslimah for stopping his evil wife, which is polite;

The Shotokan Muslimah calls the police and what I'm saying is right.


The police arrive and arrest the fucked up mother, which is okay;

The teenage girl's baby sister is safe and here's something else that I'll say.


The black man and his two daughters go back home, which is swell;

The Shotokan Muslimah gets back in her car and drives away and that's all that I'll tell.




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