Leaves in the wind

Leaves in the wind are behind you 

they never were on the tree 

my past , sometimes feels like a tree without the wanted leaves 



grief , the loss of what should have been mine 

the leaves , something I needed within me 

within my space , within my world 


I should have been a happy tree with all the leaves 

and when grief comes in 

I wander why , I wander why 

why I was a standing tree without the leaves 

why the handfuls of joy weren’t mine 


the leaves were meant to be a part of my life 

and this is why , when the grief comes in 

this is why I cry 


  • Goldfinch60

    But with every tree new leaves grow and your grief will be behind you yellowrose.


    • yellowrose

      Thankyou for your kind words , Andy ) the grief isn’t always there , just sometimes it appears again .

    • Teddy.15

      In sharing your story of grief you will find others who relate and that's what it's all about sharing our inner feelings and thoughts, In this poem I get a strong feeling of a leaf that sometimes just wants to fly away. 🌹 With your very beautiful pen Rose that has always so much emotion.

      • yellowrose

        It felt helpful to write this into a poem . I guess it’s normal to feel grief , it’s just something that needs more healing . I think if I had “ more “ things to look forward to that might also help ,

        Writing does help sometimes , I think it’s good to get it into paper , rather than it being simply within you

        Appreciate your kindness ... Thankyou

      • dusk arising

        This is full of very much sadness dear yellowrose and I begin to see what you are telling us here.

        • yellowrose

          Thankyou dusk ) it’s difficult way to feel ...

        • Saxon Crow

          The leaves grow again Rose. A million gifts that just keep coming

          • yellowrose

            Thankyou crow , for your kind words 🙂 it’s not easy to feel grieved or feel like you miss out

          • Neil Higgins

            So glad you express yourself wonderfully here on MPS Rose.It is very therapeutic to compose one's thoughts,and let others have a gander.

          • orchidee

            The grief won't go on forever - and it will be like comments noted here. 🙂

          • AuburnScribbler

            A wonderfully written piece of bravery here yellowrose, I hope that all is well, and I hope that some leaves can re-grow, in order to give you back the smile you deserve!

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