Having hope

Back to the past!

I want to be what I was,
I want to get back what I had,
I want those days back to my life,
That I had left behind.

I want to be free in the flight of angels.
I want to flee to the surface and breath in the air of life.
I want to remember the yesterday's of today's gone.
That I had thought forgotten.

I want the energy I once had
I want the time to pass slow like it used to
I want to see my dog Shelby again
I want to hold my first love in my arms

I want to live my innocence,
like I did when I was young.
But all I have are memories,
Memories of what's become.

Careless days spent by the lake
With all the time to sing and paint
My countless rebel escapades
Such wild, reckless youth, untamed
Now left behind in yesterdays

Wherever those days we lost,
Only we have in our memories,
That make us smile in our hardest time,
The days of mistake, the days of emotions,
The days of smile and of inner freedom.

from the full moon of conception
to the child of times remembered treasures lost
no loss too great to bathe our wounds in silence
to climb each breath of wind our greatest loss
to live forever in the planets of our hearts.

There was the care against all my pain,
And the love that filled me with strength,
All those I miss on my continuous journey of life,
I have no fear of death,
But I want to go back to the past!


  • aDarkerMind

    a very impressive poem, tho i say so myself;

    • Having hope

      So many thanks dear poet.

    • Jerry Reynolds

      Good read, all.

      • Having hope

        So many thanks...🙃

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