The moon and her wolf


Notice of absence from HannahElisabeth
Taking a long overdue mental health vacation. I will check in when I can.

Just a forewarning for anyone who has recently lost a loved one, or is approaching the anniversary of such; I recommend you do not read this unless you're in a mentally healthy place to do so.  











The other day,

I saw a picture

You were holding your baby niece

The smiles on your faces

Brought me tears,

And oddly, peace


The purest soul I ever met

Despite the hell life threw at you

Enough to break a lesser man

And yet you made it through


A bleeding heart and fierce protector

Like the wolf ring on your finger,

A true symbol of your country

That your heart always belonged to


Though we met in sordid places

You were pure love,

The brightest light

The reason that I pulled through

And for that,

I owe my life


The cruelest joke

That life could play

Upon our plans for your next visit

Although we kept our promise,

It was in an open casket


So tell me,

Does the moon cry

For the good ones gone too soon?

If you’re still watching over us,

I hope you know,

I love you, too

  • Author: HannahElisabeth (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 8th, 2021 19:55
  • Comment from author about the poem: I finally managed to finish the piece I had to honor the memory of a dear friend. Although this doesn't nearly do him enough justice and I will probably make edits later, I had to get this out there. For one of the goofiest, loving, and loyal people I have had the pleasure of knowing, this one is for you, G.
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  • Doggerel Dave

    I do hope you are able to pass that to someone also significant in G's life, Hannah.

    • HannahElisabeth

      There's a whole memorial page dedicated to him which I was eventually going to share this on, or at the very least, pass on to mutual friends of ours when the time is right. He was dearly loved (and still is) by so many.

    • Saxon Crow

      Hey Hannah
      A beautiful and sad homage to your friend. It felt difficult for you to write

      • HannahElisabeth

        S.C, I was trying to make it through writing this for several months now. Eventually I hope to add more, but this was as much as I could write for the time being.

        • Saxon Crow

          Well you've done it justice

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        • L. B. Mek

          Life, to be lived
          Memories, to be bequeathed
          and for a lucky few
          Appreciation for their endeavours: timelessly treasured, in that place where their most beloved,
          pulse: a beat of hope.
          till they too, cross over and join you...
          (I'm sorry for your loss
          but, Glad you had someone so special grace your life
          and, very proud
          of these few words, you've inked
          crystalizing: the love in your tears)
          thanks for choosing to share, dear Poet
          (you still isolating? feeling any better?)

          • HannahElisabeth

            Thank you dearly, and yes, I'm feeling much more rested! Thankfully the test was negative, and it gave me some time to reflect and get some important work done. Thank you as always for reading and the lovely, thought out comments 🙂

          • Accidental Poet

            I'm reminded of a poem I once wrote, "This Is Not Good-bye". You and your friend will see each other again. 😉

            • HannahElisabeth

              Thank you for the kind words, I'll have to check out the poem if it's here on MPS?

              • Accidental Poet

                Yes, it's near the beginning of my poems. Have a look when you can.

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              • dusk arising

                Death is so personal. Your piece is full of personal and beautifully written.

                Because it is an outstanding piece of writing in it's own right I am honoured to place this very sad celebration of a beautiful life into my favourites.

                • HannahElisabeth

                  I greatly appreciate such kind words, thank you for making this a favorite and keeping his memory alive!

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