for my daughter

Once, when I was solemnly sad,
you gave me your toy rabbit to cuddle;
told me to tell him my troubles,
so he could share the load.

& when we have argued
& we hide in
separate, remote rooms,
you wait a little while
then sneak in softly, quietly
with my slippers.
You bring me them
my fair lady;
a sweet peace offering,
a comfort thing.

But, when you’re sad,
I tell you to pass it to me.
I take all of your sadness
in the palm of my hand
& say it belongs to me now;
that I’ll add it to all of mine
& you can be happy.

If only that were true,
I would always do that for you


  • Saxon Crow

    Beautiful and relatable

    • rebmasters

      Ah thank you ❤️

      I wasn't sure about this one - I think it could use some work x

    • yellowrose

      Lovely words ))

      • rebmasters

        Thank you my dear ❤️

      • L. B. Mek

        'I take all of your sadness
        in the palm of my hand
        & say it belongs to me now'..
        what more can a loving parent do? but sacrifice themselves for their child's - chance, at happiness...
        as a child to two selfless immigrant parents,
        I read your words and hold back the tears, knowing
        they deserve so much more...
        All, loving parents do!
        thank you, dear Poetess
        thank you!

        • rebmasters

          Ah thank you, that's lovely my friend ❤

          It's all any parent can do & still never enough. I'm sure your parents must be infinitely proud

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