Neil Higgins

I The Slave Am I

Notice of absence from Neil Higgins
Simply taking a break.Nothing wrong,but will back in the New Year.
Will post a "ghost story for Xmas" ,on Xmas eve,however 😱

Why do you not let me go free?
Away into the night and mercy's flight.
These chains around my ankles and wrists will not hold me for long.
For I will imprint my birth right within your bones to shake you to oblivion.
I will not sit in stench within the bowels of this ship with a hundred more.
Swaying and lagging to the rocking of rotting timbers and that smell of destitute agony and death.
Listening to the moans of flies being eaten as food is so scarce that even the crew ration themselves to fever.
For upon deck our torn sails from the tempests anger has ravished the cloth to swing violently to starboard drifting us ever closer to Dante's kingdom perhaps where in league with Neptune we will plummet to oceans floor and never more to squeeze out a breath.
My rags are hiding sores on my dry skin as my tongue has swollen to such a height that coughing might encourage a fit 
My eyes bulge as though sad and see only hazy glimpses of things twittering into languages foreign and now unknown to me.
My head about to explode implores my brains to boil away and so end this desperate flirtation with this below decks shit hole nonsense.
If I get free and see my beloved Francesca again,
I will raise an army to kill ten thousand and then ten thousand more.
I just need one tiny chance.
Alas I am becoming mad as my hope of freedom lies on the nearby reef and so hope to drown and argue with the fish and sharks as I will be bait.
Farewell my beloved.Remember me.The final curtain is about to fall.


  • Fay Slimm.

    Breath taking in its description of those slave ships that stalked the ocean with aim to steal tragic souls - - a haunt of a read Neil - straight into my favourite reading list.

    • Neil Higgins

      Thank you Fay.A very uncomfortable period in Western history,which must never be forgotten.Was never taught "properly" in "my school" days.I had to learn,read and understand,under my own steam due to solo research.

    • L. B. Mek

      'For upon deck
      our torn sails from the tempest's, anger: has ravished the cloth to swing violently to starboard
      drifting us ever closer to Dante's kingdom, perhaps
      where in league with Neptune we will plummet to oceans floor
      and nevermore, squeeze out a breath.'
      that's such a poignant imagery you utilised of war and Dante's awaiting inferno..
      'an eye for an eye, where we all sink blind
      to the inevitable demise...'

    • Neil Higgins

      A superb summery from you as always LB.Many thanks my friend.

    • Teddy.15

      A very difficult subject dear friend.

      • Neil Higgins

        Thanks Missy.History is littered with cruelty and torture,as we are not such a civilized race.

      • Neville

        without any fear of contradiction, this is just about the most bestest and accurate depictions of those most abhorrent vessels that sailed our mighty seas .... on reflection, it was not the craft itself's fault but the species to which we both belong and of course greed ............................100/100 +++ sir

        • Neil Higgins

          An unbelievable thank you Neville.This period in "our" history should be taught everywhere in my opinion.It is a subject that a lot of schools might examine,very briefly, before "moving on"
          The Slave trade was beyond awful,and still goes on today,albeit by pirates and the such.And I ain't talking Long John Silver here.
          Thank you for your support Neville.

        • aDarkerMind

          another epic from the pen of Neil Higgins;

          • Neil Higgins

            Thank you Melvin.
            The Slave Trade is a subject that gets me mad,so I tend to avoid publishing sociopolitical stuff.But this one,which I had wrote a few years ago,was now time for its "release"

          • Doggerel Dave

            Congratulations Neil - and especially for the added comment just above re the perpetuation of the trade in multi forms today. Triple thumbs up.

          • Neil Higgins

            As we all know history is littered with barbarism towards one's fellow man and woman.The Slave Trade does indeed exist today,and simply turning a blind eye,until it's deemed a brief news worthy event is unforgivable.

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